My images have no photoshop adjustments.

All images are shot as is and only post processing done is some colour correction as would be normal even in colour film labs.

My work is done using the Phase One P65+ and P45+ cameras.

A few years ago I added a Sinar C 4x5 large format technical rail camera, fitted with a quadstitch digital back adaptor for the Phase One P45+, allowing me to us the moveable front and rear standards for special perspective photography.

The Chamonix, large 4x5 format field camera, pictured below, is my favourite when looking for B/W film landscape shots.

Klaus Reimann


Royal Netherlands Army

Defence Material Organisation, Netherlands

Marvin Blackmore Pottery, CO, USA

MV Sirdar, Marine Trading, (Hannon Group)

AFN Security, Sydney

Steve McNaughton, Singer/Songwriter

Updated 10/04/2020